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Social Media Advertising Should Focus On Popular Content

Date: October 16, 2014

Multichannel(s): Social Media Marketing

Added by: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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Social networks offer brands and businesses a new medium for communicating their messages.

But what posts should they promote on social media, i.e. amplify with paid advertising? The answer: brands and marketers should only pay to promote their most popular content.

The “multiplier,” or audience increase, seen by popular posts is much higher than for less popular content. For posts reaching 10,000 users organically, paid promotion can lead to 87-times more reach, compared to only a two-fold multiplier for posts reaching ~1,400 users. Marketers should test their content without paid media, and then allocate dollars according to results.

This is one of the findings highlighted in new data from BI Intelligence on social media advertising. It also finds that in part because of increased effectiveness, US social-media ad spend will top $8.5 billion this year and reach nearly $14 billion in 2018, up from just $6.1 billion in 2013.

In the report and associated PowerPoint presentation, BI Intelligence looks at all the numbers and explores the drivers of social ad adoption.

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Here are some of the other key takeaways:

Source: BusinessInsider

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