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Nearly Two-Thirds Of Marketers Plan To Increase Native-Ad Spending In 2015

Date: January 29, 2015

Multichannel(s): Digital Marketing, Native Advertising, Social Media Marketing

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Sixty-three percent of marketers plan to increase budgets earmarked for native advertising in 2015, according to a survey of 127 marketers by the Association of National Advertisers, or ANA, in the fourth quarter of last year.

Native advertising is a tactic in which digital ads mimic the editorial content surrounding them, whether that’s an article, video or photo collage.

The ANA’s findings, which also showed that 55% of respondents had increased their native ad budgets in 2014, supports earlier studies indicating marketers plan to spend more on the tactic. An eMarketer¬†forecast, for instance, says that spending on native ads will reach $4.3 billion in 2015, a 34% increase over last year.

But native ads’ share of overall marketing budgets remains relatively small. For 68% of respondents to the ANA study, native represents 5% or less of their budgets.

“The main benefit of native adverting is the ability to create extremely relevant associations between the brand and consumer via content,” the ANA study said. “Given today’s media landscape, where consumers can avoid ads more than ever, advertisers are looking for new ways to get their messages noticed and acted upon.”

Source: AdAge

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