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Webmarketing123: 4th Annual State of Digital Marketing Report

Webmarketing123, a leading provider of digital marketing services, two-time veteran of the Inc. 5000 and SF Fast 100 lists, and a certified Google Partner, today released its 2015 State of Digital Marketing Report. The company surveyed more than 600 US-based marketing professionals in late 2014, investigating their current and future plans for SEO, SEM, social media, mobile and content marketing. The resulting data revealed interesting trends about marketers’ top objectives, their toughest challenges and what they perceive as some of the hottest trends in digital marketing.

“This year’s report highlights the perennial challenge facing digital marketers in all walks of business — the need to invest in revenue-driven marketing,” said Paul Taylor, Webmarketing123’s Founder and CEO. “And while the complexity of digital marketing continues to increase, a growing percentage of marketers are investing in attribution, making it much easier to clearly articulate their digital marketing return-on-investment.”

While the focus on digital marketing continues to grow, the inability to demonstrate ROI remains a key hindrance for marketers as they decide what portion of their marketing budget to allocate to digital. As a result, roughly half of all marketers surveyed intend to spend less than 25% of their budgets on digital marketing. Further underpinning this point, respondents noted that “measuring and proving ROI” of digital marketing was a major challenge, up a whopping 46% from last year’s report.

Source: MarketWire

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