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Only 21% Of Marketers Include SEO In Their Budgets

Date: August 5, 2015

Multichannel(s): Search Engine Marketing

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Nearly 80% of marketing decision-makers fail to include SEO in their budgets, according to new research from global tech public relations agency Hotwire.

For its Marketing Silos report, which was released today, Hotwire surveyed 300 senior-level, decision-making marketers. While 52 percent said their spend includes online advertising, only 21 percent said the same for SEO despite the fact that search engines display so much of their digital advertising. According to Google, one in six people on the planet use Google to do more than 1 trillion searches each year.

Rebecca Honeyman, senior vice president and general manager of Hotwire’s New York office, calls these statistics “interesting and slightly terrifying.” Comparing modern marketers to those who believed the 1970s cliché, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM,” Honeyman thinks many are sticking with tried-and-true methods rather than experimenting with the unknown.

“If you’re unsure of a new channel, you tend to go with the tried and tested and what’s worked previously, and to me, that would be the reason behind the higher number in more traditional channels,” Honeyman says.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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