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Fashion brands ramp up digital ad spending, without cutting back in print

For high-end fashion brands, print is still where it’s at.

Until recently, luxury fashion brands have been notoriously reticent to dabble in digital commerce and online advertising. The fear was that advertising online cheapens the perception of the brand. Things are changing, albeit slowly: fashion brands are now spending more on advertising overall, by ramping up digital without sacrificing print spending, according to a study by ad-sales intelligence firm MediaRadar.

The study found that 53 percent more brands ran online ads in September 2015 than in the same time period last year. Fashion’s print advertising did shrink slightly, by 2 percent, across 20 print fashion publications. But the top nine publications actually saw a 15 percent increase in fashion brands’ ad spend. MediaRadar CEO Todd Krizelman also pointed out that 55 percent of the drop was due to two low-performing titles in particular.

Source: Digiday

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