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Retailers Are Spending 200% More On Skippable YouTube Ads This Year

Date: November 30, 2015

Multichannel(s): Advertising Spend, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing

Added by: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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Retailers looking to flex their creative muscles on YouTube can do so on the platform’s TrueView ad model without time constraints, all while targeting the most interested customers. As a result they’ve been plunging resources into these TrueView ads at twice the rate they were last year.

A study performed by Pixability, a video marketing platform for YouTube, analyzed the YouTube ad spend from the National Retail Federation’s top 100 retailers. Across all retailers, spend on skippable TrueView ads has been climbing since the last quarter of 2014. For the final stretch of 2015, retailers are expected to spend 200 percent more on TrueView ads than during the same time period last year, while spending in the third quarter of 2015 rose 77 percent over the second quarter.

Source: Digiday


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