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Study Suggests Reallocating 6% of Marketing Spend to Programmatic Will Increase Marketing ROI 22%

Date: December 4, 2016

Multichannel(s): Advertising Spend, Programmatic

Added by: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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Ad network Rubicon is out with a new study which found marketers that increase their programmatic spend can realize up to a 6 percent increase in sales and a 22 percent increase in marketing ROI. The study was conducted in partnership with The Female Quotient Strategy and took a look at $20 billion in spending by the top 200 U.S. brands. Each of the brands spends over $100 million.

Of the findings, Rubicon Chief Revenue Officer Harry Patz said, “This study of some of the largest brands in the world very clearly showcases that advertisers who are underinvested in programmatic will miss out on significant revenue opportunities. By reallocating advertising budgets to double investment in programmatic, our data shows that brands will see a significant uptick in increased sales and marketing ROI, compared to those who do not.”


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