Founder Mayra Ruiz-McPherson originally conceived the idea of a searchable, marketing budget trends archive after the recession hit the U.S. back in 2008. She began to compile marketing budget-specific headlines and news items from different sources — including industry websites, blogs, and social networks — across industries and market verticals.

Once organized, Mayra then published the information into a downloadable PDF, both in 2008 and 2009.

Her then-report aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Create a convenient centralization of digital marketing spend content from multiple sources for ease of access and use
  • Segment digital marketing spend trends by specific channels or marketing activity
  • Implement basic and advanced search mechanisms for referencing specific spend information by year or marketing category
  • Serve as a trusted source for timely digital marketing spend trends worldwide and across industries
  • Inform and guide marketing professionals on how to best fund digital marketing initiatives, campaigns, and programs within their organizations

After publishing, Mayra’s marketing budget reports garnered multiple 5-star reviews on Scribd. The positive traction her marketing budget trend tracking efforts managed to generate prompted Mayra to launch forward with this archive-themed website dedicated to marketing spend related news.


This archive now houses marketing spend data, trends, and news briefs across the past 10 years, from 2009 through 2019.

While the site will not be updated beyond 2019 (Mayra has since moved on to other projects), it will remain online indefinitely and serve as a helpful resource or guide to anyone researching marketing spend trends across social media, email marketing, mobile, content, web design, advertising, and more.